Chuckie Egg
Trouble on the farm  

Who'd have thought a country farmyard could be so stressful? Guide your man, Hen House Harry, around his hen house to pick up a dozen eggs on each level. Collect as much corn from each screen as you can (for bonus points), in the shortest possible time, without being pecked to death by the crazy hens. Watch out when the daft mother duck is let loose from the cage on level 9, causing Harry real trouble. You control your man using four direction keys and a jump key.

Download now (400KB Windows EXE file, 100% virus / malware / trojan free)

Is this the same game as I remember from my childhood?!

Absolutely! Right down to the very last pixel and sound effect. This version of Chuckie Egg is based on the BBC version, but includes Windows specific features such as the ability to change the screen size (including playing full-screen), change the level you start on, save your progress, or even use a gamepad. It will run on virtually any specification PC and doesn't require special hardware.

What are the system requirements?

Chuckie Egg will work on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP (Home and Pro). It has been tested on Windows Vista 32-bit, and while the game itself works successfully, you will not be able to save your current level / progress.

© Copyright 1983 Nigel Alderton